Leo Lapworth

Jun 132012

For those of you who aren’t able to attend YAPC::NA in person, this year’s organizers set up live streams of the conference. You can use the conference schedule to find which talks you want to see and then stream the room you are interested in. The rooms are:

You’ll need Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash, or Apple Quicktime to be able to view these streams.

The streams will go live at 9am US Central time on June 13th.

May 212012

Ricardo Signes announced that Perl 5.16.0 is now available.

You can find a full list of changes in the file “perldelta.pod“.

Perl 5.16.0 represents approximately 12 months of development since Perl 5.14.0 and contains approximately 590,000 lines of changes across 2,500 files from 139 authors.

Perl continues to flourish into its third decade thanks to a vibrant community of users and developers.

Mar 312012

MetaCPAN have announced the Winning Entry to their Logo competition.

Congratulations to Raul Matei who came up with the design which can now be see on the MetaCPAN site.

MetaCPAN is a free, open search engine for CPAN, which is an ever growing archive of code and documentation for the Perl programming language.

Mar 082012

CPAN Testers announced that on the 22nd February 2012 they reached the 20 millionth test report.

CPAN Testers test every module released to CPAN, on many different platforms and different versions of Perl.

CPAN Testers has had over 1,000 testers contribute to this figure, with their new API they are now receiving nearly 1 million reports every month and expect to reach 30 million reports by the end of the Year.

Further stats can be found on their Interesting Stats page.

Jan 242012

The Perl Foundation today announced that they have received a donation of $100,000 toward Perl5 maintenance and for general use by the Perl Foundation from the craigslist Charitable Fund.

According to craigslist CEO and former Perl Hacker Jim Buckmaster, “craigslist has gloried in and relied upon Perl for most of its software development for more than a decade. craigslist Charitable Fund is honored to recognize the wizardry and generosity of the Perl community, help ensure the ongoing maintenance of Perl5, and contribute to the future evolution of Perl.” He added, “It was unclear at first how best to give something back to Perl. Fortunately there was more than one way to do it.”

For more information download the PDF Press Releases, or view the news story.

Dec 172011

The MetaCPAN team have announced a competition to design them a logo, the winning entry will get a prize of $400 USD, not to mention having their design used on this great site.

The prize has been provided by the Enlightened Perl Organisation

The deadline is the 13th of January 2012, so make sure to have your laptop with you over the holiday season.

For more information visit http://contest.metacpan.org/ or see the entries so far.

Nov 032011

https://metacpan.org/ is a year old today. The site and API have come a long way in just one year and offer a great way to search CPAN either through a browser or the API.

The API is already powering new features in Padre, the Perl IDE as well as an iPhone CPAN app – iCPAN and github meets CPAN website.

There have been a large number of contributors and an ever increase set of features.

Olaf looks back at a few of the more recent updates.

There are still a large number of issues and features which the project wants to add, and they are are always looking for more Volunteers.

Congratulations to all involved.

Oct 292011

http://prepan.org/ was recently launched at http://yapcasia.org/2011/ and was announced to the rest of the Perl community by @kentaro.

The site focuses on code review and discussions, with the goal of helping module authors get feedback, suggestions and help before they upload a new module to CPAN.

This is a really interesting idea and is getting lots of use even after having been live for only a couple of days. There are several changes and additions planned for the future, so this is definitely a site to keep an eye on.

Oct 292011

App::TimeTracker first presented at YAPC::Europe 2011 has just launched a website to go with the Perl Application.

Developed with Perl and Moose meta programming, as well as a host of other CPAN Modules this project is a really nice example of building a Perl application with todays Perl tools.

Rather than go into the detail of what and how this Perl time tracking application works, have a look at the website http://timetracker.plix.at/ to find out more.

Sep 272011

http://learn.perl.org/ has been rewritten and relaunched, along with basic step by step guides to installing and using Perl, there are screencasts and some useful examples.

The PerlFAQ (previously hosted at http://faq.perl.org/) is now integrated to the learning website and can be found at http://learn.perl.org/faq/.

There are further changes planned for both the learning website and PerlFAQ in the near future.