Dave Cross

Aug 202012

The YAPC Europe Foundation have announced that next year’s YAPC::Europe conference will be in Kiev.

YAPC::Europe Foundation is pleased to announce that Kiev, Ukraine has been chosen as the site for the YAPC::Europe 2013.

We are confident that Kiev.pm and Moscow.pm’s experienced team — which was responsible for many Perl events in Eastern Europe — will put together a wonderful conference. The theme for the next YAPC::Europe will be ‘Future Perl’.

We hope to see you in Kiev next summer!

More details when we get them.

May 212012

London-based DIY website company Moonfruit have been acquired by Yell for $29 million.

“What’s that doing on Perl News,” I hear you say, “surely Moonfruit is Flash-based?” Well, yes, the user-facing stuff is largely Flash (although they’ve been doing a lot of work with HTML5 recently) but behind the scenes, the sites are all driven by Perl. A lot of their newer systems are written using Dancer as described by their developer Alex Knowles last year.

It’s great to hear about a company that uses Perl doing so well. Congratulations to Wendy, Joe, Eirik and all of the team.

More details from Wired, the Independent and Moonfruit’s blog.

Apr 242012

Dave Cross will be running a free, one-day Perl course at Google Campus in London on Saturday 4th August.

You can register at http://perltraining.eventbrite.co.uk/.

The course is called “Modern Perl for Non-Perl Programmers” and it will be aimed at people who haven’t written any Perl (or who have written very little Perl) and over six hours the course will persuade them just how useful modern Perl is.

That, of course, means that readers of Perl News aren’t really in the target audience. But I expect that you all know people who are (it’s very unlikely that any of you don’t know any non-Perl programmers). So I’d like to ask for your help in promoting the course. Please share the link in as many places as you can think of where non-Perl programmers might congregate.

Eventbrite - Modern Perl for Non-Perl Programmers

Dec 142011

Following their donation of $10,000 in the summer, Booking.com have made another donation towards the future development of Perl. This time the donation is for €100,000. Perl Foundation president Karen Pauley and former Perl 5 Pumpking Jesse Vincent are travelling to Amsterdam where they will accept the donation.

More details and a press release will be available on the Perl Foundation web site later.

May 082011

There have been a couple of interesting announcements in the last couple of weeks about the support for Perl programming from cloud suppliers.

It’s good to see Perl given support in this area. If you see any more suppliers adding Perl to their platforms then please let us know in the comments.