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Jan 072017

We welcome talk submissions to The Perl Conference 2017 in DC, which will be held June 18-23! In an alternate universe, this conference would be called YAPC::NA 2017 🙂 . All levels and topics welcome, if in doubt please submit. Details at See you there!

Sep 262014

DWIM Perl for Linux is a binary Perl distribution including perl and a bunch of CPAN modules. It was created to make it easy to get started with Perl without the need to think about the installation of additional modules. Batteries included.

I have been working on this for quite some time, and I think I finally found a path that will make it easy for me to create future versions of this distribution.

This is the first public release in this new era.

If you have a Linux machine – any Linux machine – it would extremely useful if you could try this and report any problems you might run into.

Sep 222014

Perl 5.20.1 has been released, this is the latest stable version of Perl.

Changes include performance enhancements and various bug fixes.

Perl 5.20.1 represents approximately 4 months of development since Perl 5.20.0 and contains approximately 12,000 lines of changes across 170 files from 36 authors.

Nov 172011

Strawberry Perl, an enhanced distribution for Windows, has a new maintainer, KMX and a new preview release for Perl 5.14.2.

2011 White Camel Awards

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Aug 172011

The White Camel Awards recognize outstanding, non-technical achievement in Perl. Started in 1999 by Perl mongers and later merged with The Perl Foundation, the awards committee selects three names from a long list of worthy Perl volunteers to recognize hard work in Perl Community, Perl Conferences, and Perl User Groups. For the past two years, these awards have been managed by The Perl Review in conjunction with the The Perl Foundation.

This year, the White Camels recognize the efforts of these people whose hard work has made Perl and the Perl community a better place:

Leo Lapworth

You may have noticed that many of the core Perl sites, such as and look a lot different. Indeed, they look a lot better. Perl, being very popular in the early days of the web, it’s websites settled on the early features and never left them. Leo Lapworth dragged many of the Perl websites into the modern age and made them look more attractive at the same time. Not only that, he’s one of the driving forces behind Perl News. Surely there’s more to come from Leo, too. For this, we recognize Leo Lapworth for the 2011 White Camel Award for Perl community.

Daisuke Maki

If you’re doing Perl in Japan, you’ve probably run into Daisuke Maki. He’s active in and many of the YAPC::Asia. He also started the Japan Perl Association, the counterpart to The Perl Foundation and YAPC::Europe Foundation. For this, we recognize Daisuke Maki for the 2011 White Camel Award for Outstanding Contribution to Perl user groups.

Andrew Shitov

If there were a contest for the most Perl events organized, Andrew would most likely be the winner. The number of conferences isn’t the only category he’d win though. He’s not content just to organized conferences in his own country, Russia, but also in Bulgaria, the Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, and many others. He’s also win the competition for organizing two events the farthest apart: The Second Russian Perl Workshop in Vladivostok and YAPC::EU 2011 in Rīga, Latvia. That’s still not enough. He’s the moving force behind YAPC::TV, which collects videos from Perl events and lets you view them for free. For this, we recognize Andrew Shitov for the 2011 White Camel Award for Perl conferences.

Mar 212011

Now that the master CPAN repository is hosted by Perl NOC, the first ring of mirrors can use a new “fast sync” rsync that allows any mirror to get updates within 30 seconds of a file changing in the main repository. To use this new fast sync, you need a username/password to connect to the rsync server on the master server. Send mail to to request credentials. Anyone mirroring from FUnet directly should make the switch.

The NOC crew detailed instructions for instant mirroring on the Github wiki.

Mar 212011

There are several feed aggregators for Perl, but now there is going to be one less. Since Planet Perl mostly duplicates the efforts of other aggregators, such as Perlsphere, it’s just extra work for the Perl NOC crew to maintain it. Planet Perl was the first long running aggregator, but since it started many others started and survived. Perl NOC announced that Planet Perl going dormant. It’s not exactly disappearing, but it will be in a deep sleep for a long time. If the community ever needs it again, they can easily wake it up.