Oct 292011

http://prepan.org/ was recently launched at http://yapcasia.org/2011/ and was announced to the rest of the Perl community by @kentaro.

The site focuses on code review and discussions, with the goal of helping module authors get feedback, suggestions and help before they upload a new module to CPAN.

This is a really interesting idea and is getting lots of use even after having been live for only a couple of days. There are several changes and additions planned for the future, so this is definitely a site to keep an eye on.

Oct 292011

App::TimeTracker first presented at YAPC::Europe 2011 has just launched a website to go with the Perl Application.

Developed with Perl and Moose meta programming, as well as a host of other CPAN Modules this project is a really nice example of building a Perl application with todays Perl tools.

Rather than go into the detail of what and how this Perl time tracking application works, have a look at the website http://timetracker.plix.at/ to find out more.

Oct 262011

The Perl Foundation is aiming to participate as a mentoring organization in Google Code-in 2011! Our application must be prepared by 1st November 2011 and if we are successful this will be announced on 9th November 2011.

We would gratefully ask for your help by providing project ideas for this year’s students as soon as possible so that we can gain acceptance onto this program. Tasks can be added after the 1st November but the more tasks we have by that date the more chance we have of succeeding as a mentoring organisation.

The program ideally suits small tasks that can be achieved within a few hours to a few days of work. The students will be at high school/college and be aged between 13 – 18 years.

Please visit this page for information and learn how to submit your tasks here.