Apr 262011

The 2011 Google Summer of Code accepted six of the students from The Perl Foundation:

  1. André Walker – Rework Catalyst component setup code
    Mentored by Tomas Doran and Eden Cardim
  2. Brian Neil Fraser – Making the Perl Core UTF-8 clean
    Mentored by Florian Ragwitz and Zefram
  3. Carlos Ivan Sosa – Removing the upgrading necessity of the Dancer script with a module
    Mentored by Sawyer X and Franck Cuny
  4. Marc Green – Standardization of core documentation parsing tools
    Mentored by Ricardo Signes and David E. Wheeler
  5. Moritz Onken – CPAN search for the modern web
    Mentored by Clinton Gormley and Olaf Alders
  6. Tadeusz Sośnierz – Pod parser for Rakudo
    Mentored by Moritz Lenz and Carl Mäsak

Each student is paired with at least one mentor in the Perl community who oversees and guides the project through the summer.

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  1. Why is proposal 4 not public?

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